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Mesocarbon Microbeads (MCMB) Graphite


1 Quantity = 1 Unit = 500 grams

Micron Powder for Lithium Ion Battery, SSA: 1.539 m2/g, Black Powder, MCMB (mesocarbon microbeads) synthetic graphite is prepared from petroleum pitch or coal tar. MCMB is one of the promising carbon anode materials for Li-ion batteries.

MCMB has high specific capacity and a spherical structure, which is benefitial for high packing density of the anode. The low surface area of MCMB can minimize the unfavorable side reactions during the charge-discharge process. We offer Mesocarbon Microbeads(MCMB) Graphite Micron Powder for Lithium Ion Battery with low prices.


Technical Properties:

Appearance of MCMB Black Powder
Linear Formula C
CAS Number of MCMB 7782-42-5
Packed Container sealed in Al vacuumed bag


 D10  µm  7.195
 D50  µm  11.440
 D90  µm  18.000
 Moisture  %  0.025
 Tap  G/cm3  1.215
 SSA  M2/g  1.539
 C%  %  99.945
 Capacity  mAh/g  332.66
 Efficiency  %  92.48


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