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Energy storage systems have been increasingly preferred solutions for energy efficiency. Kahraman Energy Technologies produces and collects the most efficient solutions for businesses and households to contribute their energy efficiency.  Rather than decreasing on-site consumption, re-using the consumed energy provides to the realization of more-than-one goals like balancing energy consumption and production, optimization of energy consumption, saving energy costs, the clean environment, more and more.

To make the world a better place

To make energy technologies cleaner

Kahraman Energy Technologies has two kind of services for now. We are working on online services using artificial intelligence and also on growing up our international energy storage community.

Business Solutions: Like B2B models, Kahraman Online Expo gives any businesses the opportunity to show their products to potential customers, permanently. Kahraman Energy Store also gives the opportunity to sell battery materials and production machines in battery systems. 

End-user Solutions: Households and officers can reach any products grid-connected and off-grid. Our team continuously seeks all over the world for better products to decrease energy costs of houses and offices.



Energy storage companies can show any kind of products in this online expo which is continuously open and is daily shared in a very effective online marketing strategy. By the way, they can reach millions of businesses and end-user customers all around the world.


In this store, energy storage companies and end-users can find anode, cathode, pounch, and all other similar materials used in the production process of batteries for different technologies like lithium-ion, sodium-ion, hydrogen, lithium-sulfur, graphene and all other technologies.



End-customers and officers can find all products that make you independent by giving the control of your consumption to you. At the same time, you can benefit more from the grid system by decreasing energy costs.


End-customers and officers can find all off-grid solutions to be independent of the electrification system of the whole country. As consuming energy you produce, store the energy surplus for your consumption in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions on Energy Storage Technologies in general, and Kahraman Energy Technologies in special.

Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage has become unavoidable for the entire grid based on wind, solar and hydro, nuclear and fossil fuels. It is also critical to demand side resources and system efficiency assets. Facilities of generation, transmission and distribution can also use energy storage technologies as a single asset.

Energy storage have many benefits for consumers and investors.

  • Risk of Power Outages
  • Saving Consumers Money
  • Clean Energy Integration and Energy Independence
  • Economy and Jobs

Energy storage technologies have different types and have developed so many years. These technologies, which Kahraman Energy Technologies serves for, are:

  • Batteries based on different technologies
  • Thermal Energy
  • Mechanical Energy
  • Pumped hydropower
  • Hydrogen

Innovative energy storage solutions have a very important role for the transition of existing energy infrastructure to the renewables. It also acccelarates the integration of renewable energy sources into the existing grids in the countries.

Artificial Intelligence has been increasingly used to decrease energy costs and consumption in recent years. Because energy storage technologies have the same aim to increase efficiency, it is  the ignorable need to integrate between energy storage and artificial intelligence. 

Kahraman Energy Technologies

To make world a better place

To make energy technologies cleaner

  • Digitalization of Energy Services
  • Online Courses about energy storage
  • Building more storage facilities
  • Providing energy efficiency
  • Energy Storage Applications
  • Acceleration of Energy Storage Materials trade
  • Integration between AI and Energy Storage Technologies

You can find all latest news about energy storage technologies.