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Li-Ion Battery Separator Film


1 Quantity = 1 Roll

Thickness: 25 μm, Width: 60 mm, Length: 500 m, 1 Roll: 500 m


Technical Properties:

Material Polypropylene (PP)
Porosity 42±3 %
Thickness 25±2 μm
Width 60 mm
Areal density 13.2±1.0 g/m2
Air Permeability 350±100 s/100ml
Puncture Strength ≥400 g
Tensile Strength MD: ≥1400 Kgf/cm2

TD: ≥130 Kgf/cm2

Thermal contraction (115℃/16H) MD: ≤3.0 %

TD: ≤0.5 %


Li-Ion Battery Separator Film can be used as li-ion battery separator in battery R&D.

The need for electric energy storage systems are in increasing demand. Lithium-ion batteries
represent the best option for many applications such as hybrid and electric vehicles which
require high energy density, cycle durability and charge/discharge efficiency.


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