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Lithium Titanium Oxide (Li4Ti5O12)


1 Quantity = 1 Unit = 25 grams

Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery Anode (LTO), Purity: 99+%, White, Tap Density: ≥0.92 g/cm2 Lithium titanate (LTO) replaces the graphite in the anode of a standard lithium-ion battery and the material forms into a spinel structure.

It can be used in combination with LMO or NMC cathode. LTO carries certain advantages over the conventional Li-ion with graphite anode,
including the absence of SEI film formation and lithium plating when fast charging and charging at low temperature. Nanografi offers Lithium Titanate Oxide Micron Powder Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) for Li-ion Battery Anode with best prices and high quality.

Technical Properties:

Linear Formula Li4Ti5O12
CAS Number 12031-95-7
Color White
Stable Temperature Range Up to 720°C
Recommended Maximum Charge Voltage 3.0 V vs. Li/Li+
Recommended Maximum Charge Current 5C
Recommended Cutoff Voltage for Discharge 1.0 V vs. Li/Li+
Recommended Maximum Discharge Current 10C


  D10   µm     0.25~0.65
  D50   µm     0.65~1.6
  D90   µm     ≤10
  Purity   %      99+
  TAP density   g/c㎡     ≥0.92
  BET   ㎡/g    ≤18
  First capacity   mAh/g    ≥160
  First efficiency    %    ≥95


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