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Aluminum Laminated Film


1 Quantity = 1 Set

Width: 400 mm, Length: 7.5 m, This aluminum laminated film (115 µm) is used as casing material for polymer Li-Ion battery.


Polyamide (JIS Z1714) 0.025 mm (+-0.0025 mm)
Adhesive (Polyester-polyurethane) 4-5 g/m2
Aluminum foil (JIS A8079,A8021) 0.040 mm (+-0.004 mm)
Adhesive (Urethane-free Adhesive) 2-3 g/m2
Polypropylene 0.040 mm (+-0.004 mm)
Thickness 115 μm±5
Width 400 mm
Length 7.5 m
Surface quality Mat finish
Pinholes Subject to the applicable aluminum foil standard
Impurity 1 mm or less in diameter
Fish Eye 2 mm or less in diameter (clear), 1 mm or less in diameter (colored) 


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