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Conductive Acetylene Black


1 Quantity : 1 Unit : 50 grams

Li-ion Battery Anode/Cathode, Conductive Acetylene Black for Li-ion Battery Anode/Cathode is used for preparing Li-ion battery electrode
material and conducting material, for example:

Cathode: Cathode Active+Acetylene Black (Conductive)+PVDF+NMP
Anode: Anode Active+Acetylene Black (Conductive)+PVDF+NMP (or SBR+CMC)


Technical Properties:

Apparent Specific Volume 16~17 ml/g
Iodine Absorption Number ≥90 g/kg
Hydrochloric Acid Absorption Number ≥4.4 ml/g
Resistivity ≤1.8 Ω/m
pH Value 6~8
Heating Loss ≤0.2%
Ash Content ≤0.2%
Grid Content (sieve with 325 grid) ≤0.003%
Particle Size 35~40 nm
Impurity None%
Absorption Intensity ≥23.4 ml/5g
Oil-Absorption ≥250 ml/100g


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